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Madonna and Children  Aran Illingworth (

My name is Aran Illingworth and I’m a full-time, professional textile artist working out of my art studio in Huntingdon, England. My work is currently being exhibited in a variety of galleries. If you would like to purchase any pieces or commission any new work please contact me on the email provided.

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What it's all about...

My work focuses on women and their social situation - particularly on predicaments associated with poverty. I aspire to find a mode of expression in which my appliqué textile panels convey the character and circumstance the women themselves. Just like me, my work is not overtly or obviously political, but instead of anger, I tend to utilize a subtle, dark and wry humour, drawing viewers into a world where thoughts are as visible as "reality", and where the protagonists live and metamorphose by the logic of that world.
My work marks by poverty stricken, sickly women are barely able to care for or nourish their children. I want my art resound with compassion as I make the appeal on behalf of the poor destitute women. I want my work serve as indictment of the social condition in India in the 21st century.
Each piece of my work tells a story which is intended to provoke both thoughts and an emotional reaction from the viewer.

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